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The heart of the girl


Siska Goeminne


Tim Van den Abeele

Heartwarming story about a girl who defies sea, sand, water and forest to find her father.

- Endearing and poetic story
- About a girl looking for her father
- The magestic illustrations by the lauded illustrator Tim Van den Abeele

Awarded with a Bronze Pencil

On the other side there was her father. He raised his hand to her and she felt how her heart made a little jump, how light she suddenly felt and how big the hunger really was. She put her hands around her mouth. Dad! It bellowed over the water like a party. Could she reach him?

Size: 21,5 x 30,5 cm
48 pages, end papers incl.
Themes: dad, father, growing, quest, longing, missing


'Siska Goeminne wrote this poetic story with economical words and brittle sentences. While doubt and fright are part of it, courage and trust prevail. The comforting ending closes appropriately and appeals to your own imagination and empathy. Although the story is concrete, you read so much more between the lines. A whole world of feelings that will charm both young and old because of its layering.' (Pluizuit December 2021)

'Tim Van Den Abeele's prints help tell the story. His monotypes in colour layers visualise, as he so beautifully puts it, the emotions from the story and give it extra depth. In all his colour splendour, he depicts suggestion and sketches atmospheres that creep into your mind. The bright yellow desire, the green suspicion, the blue missing, the darkness when things may not work out for a while, and so on. A wealth of feelings and atmospheres that cannot leave you unmoved.' (Pluizuit December 2021)

'All this is equally spot-on design by Dries Desseyn, making the whole thing easily deserve the stamp 'recommended'.' (Pluizuit December 2021)

'It tackles a subject you can do something with, together with your child. Indeed, the quest also teaches about the growth of the girl, who learns to believe in herself without needing anyone. Goeminne writes it down in a poetic rhythm.' (Het Nieuwsblad I 20 April 2021, Eva De Poorter)

Age: 9+


De Eenhoorn
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