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Sea sparkle


Wendy Huyghe

A powerful coming of age novel on loss.

International movie premiered on February 17 2023 at the
Berlinale, the international Film Festival of Berlin.
Watch the trailer here.

One stormy night, Lena’s father’s fishing boat sinks. Antoine Blomme and his two crew members, one of them the dad of Lena’s best friend Kaz, die. The funeral is chilly, because everyone in Ostend seems to have their own version of what happened. According to those present, it was all Antoine’s fault, because an experienced fisherman shouldn’t head out during a storm now should he? Lena doesn’t believe them, her father knew the sea like the back of his hand. When the funeral boat is suddenly startled by a fierce shock, he catches a glimpse of a black shadow disappearing under the boat.

With the help of Vincent, a lanky octopus suit (covering up a 14-year-old boy) who shares a fascination for marine life and holds a summer job at the brand-new Secret Sea Creatures Museum, she sets out in search of the sea creature she think she’s seen – and the true cause of her father’s death.

Size: 13,5 x 20 cm
208 pages + end papers
Themes: sea, loss, father-daughter relation

Age: 11+


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